Soulmate: How to Recognize Them?

Uomo e donna che si sono appena incontrati a un appuntamento al parco, con l'uomo che tiene tra le mani dietro la schiena dei fiori

The concept of soulmates is one of the oldest dilemmas in human history. Just think of the myth of the androgynous beings told by Plato, beings that were hermaphrodites with two heads, four arms, and four legs, who became too insolent towards the gods and were punished by Zeus, who split them in two with a lightning bolt, and since then every man seeks his female counterpart, and vice versa. This myth has reached us with the metaphor of the two halves of the apple, but the concept remains the same: is there really a half of us out there, just waiting to reunite with us? And if instead, we are already in a relationship, how do we know if the person by our side is truly our soulmate? In these lines, we will try to answer this ancient dilemma.

Soulmate: What it IS NOT

Very few people find their soulmate at the first attempt, meaning in their first real relationship. For most of us, it is instead a long and tortuous journey, and often on the way, we encounter relationships that for one reason or another end up sinking. How many times, thinking about the past, do we wonder: how did I manage to be with that… (insert your preferred epitaph)? When we ask ourselves this question, it’s because the previous relationship started with the best of intentions, only to turn into a disappointment. In reality, all these negative experiences shape us and show us that often the ideas we have about the concept of soulmate are completely wrong.

For example: the soulmate is not someone who cultivates the same interests as us or shares the same opinions; quite the opposite: the more a person is different from us in their way of being and thinking, the greater the (albeit unconscious) attraction they exert;

Following the same false line as the previous statement, the soulmate is almost always very different from how we imagined them: they surprise us and constantly catch us off guard, but they have the “power” to improve our lives without us even noticing it;

Finally, another false myth to dispel: the soulmate is not necessarily a shoulder to cry on; they don’t have to necessarily indulge our weaknesses but should instead push us to react and do better, even with rough methods, if necessary.

Does the Right Person Really Exist?

Another ancient question is about the “right person.” From a purely mathematical point of view, in a world populated by almost 8 billion people, thinking that there is only one person waiting for us is a bit sad upon reflection. With this premise, the chances that every single person on Earth finds their perfect soulmate are practically zero: maybe my significant other lives in the Argentine Patagonia, a place I will probably never get to see in my entire life, and maybe I never even thought of going there.

In reality, the theory of the single soulmate over time has given way to that of kindred spirits, according to which throughout life, we can meet different people who are still meant to be together with us, not necessarily only as a couple concept. For example, even among friends, there are kindred spirits, people for whom we have no physical attraction but who are still important in our journey. If you’re a fan of Sex and The City, you’ll recall when Charlotte, addressing the others, stated that perhaps they were each other’s soulmates, so the concept of kindred spirits has been endorsed even through one of the most famous TV series in history.

So, if you’re wondering if the right person exists, know that not only do they exist, but there are so many who are just waiting to meet you. Any day and anywhere can be the perfect moment when two kindred souls recognize each other and fall in love. However, when faced with the soulmate, how do you recognize them?

Uomo e donna in una cena romantica con la donna che tiene tra le mani una rosa e sorride

Soulmate: Symptoms and Signs

The most romantic say that soulmates are recognized by their eyes. It’s certainly happened to someone that they realized they were facing their soulmate just by exchanging a glance, but it’s certainly not the rule. There are several signs and/or symptoms that make us understand that we have found our soulmate; we just need to know how to recognize them.

For example, what happens when two soulmates meet for the first time? There is an immediate great understanding. It’s not so much a matter of “chemistry” but the fact that you find yourself talking to the other person with such naturalness and confidence that you almost feel like you’ve known them forever, even if your first meeting may have only happened a few hours ago. It’s not about soulmates and coincidences; it’s just natural for you to open up to the other person without any strategy, and especially without resorting to any kind of “pickup” technique.

Soulmate and sensations: you also realize that you are facing a kindred soul by the “non-verbal language.” Without any apparent reason, you feel comfortable and (especially) safe near that person. You find yourself experiencing moments of tranquility and serenity that, upon reflection, you’ve rarely experienced in your life, and coincidentally only when you’ve met previous kindred souls. You realize you’ve found your soulmate because with them, you are truly yourself; all the masks you wear in your social interactions inevitably fall away; you are “naked” but not embarrassed.

Not just love. Another characteristic of the soulmate is that, besides being your lover, they are also your best friend. Beyond the logical physical attraction, with your kindred soul, you know you can talk about everything without any prejudice; you enjoy being in their company even if you know that you won’t necessarily end up in bed on that occasion.

They understand you. This aspect is perhaps the most intimate and hidden, but no less important. If any event in your life brings you sadness, your soulmate will be sad with you, without you ever having spoken a word about it. Just by looking at you, that empathy that you don’t have with anyone else will kick in, and they will immediately ask you what happened.

The soulmate brings out the best in you. Another sign that lets you know you have the right person by your side is your way of relating to the external world: if you see that you give the best of yourself in every aspect of your life, and especially if you realize that your worst side (which we all have, mind you) is increasingly overshadowed, it means that the person you have by your side influences you positively and is therefore the right person for you.

Maximum independence. Having a soulmate by your side does not mean being obsessively together at all hours of the day and night, not being able to go out without the other, or, worst of all, opening a “couple profile” on social media. Having the right person by your side also means having the freedom to maintain your own spaces and passions, without “canceling” yourself just to please the other.

Having a common project. The last aspect, but nonetheless very important, concerns the future: if you talk about “tomorrow” together with someone and it doesn’t scare you, they are truly your soulmate.


Those you just read are simple guidelines on how to recognize your own Soul Mate. Of course, each person’s story is unique, and if your life experience has led you to meet your current partner in different ways and situations, it doesn’t mean they are not still your Soul Mate. These are simple observations that will surely be useful to you, but you should never interpret them as dictates.

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