Technology Supporting Love

An algorithm is used to calculate a compatibility percentage based on one’s own characteristics and those of the other person, but in the future, several algorithms will be created.

Thanks to this algorithm, there will be more possibilities for MySoulmate to become an app to meet people compatible with similar interests.

Why People Choose Us


People will be suggested to you based on your preferences and characteristics such as age, gender, or country of origin.


People will be suggested to you who could be a good match for you based on an algorithm that calculates a compatibility percentage.


There is no need to write to too many people to find the most suitable one for you; you can chat directly with your "best match."

Notice-board (Future Update)

There will be no hassle of writing many repetitive messages.

Interested people will contact you.

A way will be studied so that women will also contact men.

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We are only at the beginning, but we are eager to grow.